Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Henchman, Chapter Five:

“Thanks again for the ride.” And when she smiled, I knew she meant it. She had a funny way of looking at me whenever her face lit up with a smile. It made me feel both warm and vulnerable at the same time, like standing next to an open flame while wearing nothing, only the warmth was able to penetrate the cold, the skin, and even the soul as my whole existence kindled at the sight of her spread lips. Not wanting to show any feelings, I turned away and looked out ahead, seeing what looked to be a remodeled apartment complex of some sort with a “Now Leasing!” sign to go along with a sleek looking new office or reception area. “No problem.” She started to close the door. “See ya around?” And it was a question, as her tone pitched upwards towards the end of her query, informing me she wasn’t sure if we would ever see one another again. I nodded without looking over at her, and putting my car into reverse. “Sure. You know where I’ll be.” Her hand left the window frame and she started to step backwards. “And you know where I live. No stalking, alright? I already have enough of those.” Her face expressed another smile that washed over me and gave me such a feeling of euphoria that I was convinced if I felt it any longer or any more intensely, it would surely kill me. “Then what’s one more, right?” I offered my cheesiest smile, before adding, “Good night.” Nothing that good can last that long without being toxic, I told myself, as i watched her turn around and head for her apartment, pressing my foot down on the pedal and sending the car back behind me. With only a few feet left till she was at the entrance of her residence, I stopped the car momentarily to see if she would stop and turn around to look at me. I sighed as this didn’t happen, and her body disappeared beneath a doorway. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel her eyes on me as I turned around once again to back out a little bit further before putting the car in drive, and pulling away, but suspected I saw a curtain at one of her windows drop as I was leaving. Before long, I was at a stop light miles from her place, and thinking about what had happened tonight. I had broke into a man’s home, assaulted him, and robbed him of his possessions, with little to no remorse. I looked at the clock on my console: Five fourteen A.M. I have the whole day ahead of me, I thought, as the light above me turned green. Once again, I eased down on the accelerator, bringing my car out of a slow lurch as it rolled into the intersection. All around me I could feel things getting brighter; something was fast approaching from the left and flooding my cab with light as it did so. The last thing I remember was hearing an incredible smash, and feeling glass bounce off my face as my airbag shot out, pushing into my forehead and face, and suffocating everything around me. My consciousness slipped, and all that awaited me now was darkness, cold, and void.